Pilpasuo 区域


Aapa mires and raised beaches
Pilpasuo is a great place for a family day trip. In the autumn, it’s good for berry and mushroom picking. Pilpasuo has two nature trails with duckboards that have fun nature-themed task points along them for a brain workout.

The shorter one-kilometre trail, Aistireitti, around the Pahalampi pond is especially suitable for families with children. The longer seven-kilometre Lystireitti trail gives a good idea of the whole area. There is a campfire site and a lean-to shelter on the north-western side of Pahalampi and along the Lystireitti trail. The Aistireitti trail is marked with orange paint and the Lystireitti trail with blue paint on the tree trunks along the trails.
Pilpasuo lies about 20 km from Oulu city centre and is easy to find by car or bike. Take Vaalantie on the north side of the river Oulujoki and turn left to Peräkyläntie immediately after crossing the river Sanginjoki. Continue on Peräkyläntie for 1.5 km and then another 2.3 km on a gravel road until you get to the parking area where the nature trail starts.
Pilpasuo is a large mire area in eastern Oulu. Most of the Pilpasuo mire was formed on an ancient 3,000 year-old coastal meadow. The Pilpasuo area features nutrient-rich spruce forests, dry peaty forests, black alder forests (which are rare in Oulu), many types of mire and springs, and even sand dunes.

One of the rarities of Pilpasuo is the raised beach of Ala-Korkiakangas. The top of the raised beach is covered by boulder soil, which was a little island in the sea 6,500 years ago. Now this raised beach is 55 metres above sea level. There are also man-made piles of rocks on this beach. It is not known who made them and when, or for what purpose.
The diversified nature attracts many bird species, such as owls, to Pilpasuo. The floral display of the mire features the pink marsh rosemary, the dramatic marsh trefoil and the delicate white-flowered leather leaf that blooms in abundance in early summer. Large and impressive marsh locks, with dark red flowers, grow around the Pahalampi pond. Peat moss is the most typical moss you will see in Pilpasuo.

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Pilpasuon suojelualue ja luontopolku
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