Nallikari – the Riviera of the North

Its beautiful sandy beaches and magnificent sunsets have earned Nallikari the moniker of the ‘Riviera of the North’. High-quality accommodation and diverse recreation options can all be found in Hietasaari, a little under four kilometres from the centre of Oulu.

Nallikari in the summer

The Nallikari beach attracts not only sunbathers but also sports lovers. Bring a frisbee or a volleyball, and you’ll have fun whiling away the time. The fine sand of the beach is a good surface for beach football. A giant climbing net challenges children and grown-ups alike. Give it a try, it isn’t as easy as it looks!

Nallikari is a great place to visit for the whole family. Children will enjoy paddling in the shallow waters, taking pedal cars for a ride, and playing in the excellent playground. Minigolf is fun for the whole family. On a rainy day, the Nallisport indoor sports arena is a good choice. It offers sports for every age and skill level – take your pick!
Oulu city centre is also nearby. The distance is short enough for walking or biking. In the summer, the mini-train Potna-Pekka operates the route between Nallikari and the Market Square, taking the passengers along the beautiful delta route, also enjoyed by children. You can hop off in Pikisaari for an ice-cream.

Nallikari Holiday Village offers a range of accommodation options all year round. The area offers, for example, Pooki Cottages and new, more comfortable Poiju Villas. Masto Cottages and the Pollari summer cottages are located at the camping site.

Don’t forget that you can get the equipment for a fun activity-filled day from the reception at Nallikari Holiday Village, all year round. Pedal cars, bikes, skis, and snowshoes can all be rented here.
Arctic winter magic on land and sea

In the winter, you can ski or walk, with or without snowshoes, on the ice-covered sea. Kite skiers and fat bikers are also often seen skimming on the ice. The Hietasaari hiking trails and campfire sites offer the whole family the opportunity to hike at their own pace.

Nallikari also offers things to do in the winter: The popular snow sculpting competition Nallikari Snow Fest and the Nallikari Winter Village offer visitors experiences such as high-quality snow art and reindeer rides amid Arctic darkness. Also, did you know that Nallikari beach is the best place in the city to see the Northern Lights? In the latitudes where Oulu is located, this natural phenomenon can be observed once in every four winter nights on average, and the Nallikari lighthouse is as good a place as any to enjoy them.

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