Pikisaari Wooden town


An idyllic wooden town, an old industrial milieu and a unique artists’ community await a traveller who crosses the pedestrian bridge at the Market Square. In the 17th century, ships were built in Pikisaari. Later on, tar products were made here. In those days, Oulu was known as the tar capital of Finland.

Pikisaari island still has many of its original wooden houses in place. The oldest wooden building in Oulu opens its doors to visitors in the summer as Merimiehenkotimuseo (Seafarer’s Home Museum), where you can learn many interesting facts about the lives of seafarers, a once important profession in Oulu. The restored old Wool Mill and the other buildings now provide workspace for artists and craftspeople, as well as homes, a gallery and a handicraft shop. The heart of this unique island also offers accommodation with character.

Hikers can enjoy views to the delta of this Arctic city along a two-kilometre hiking trail that follows the shores of the Pikisaari island. Friends of locally produced food will appreciate the flavours served by the restaurant Sokeri-Jussin Kievari, where seasonal delicacies are carefully prepared. The younger members of the family will enjoy a ride on the Potna-Pekka minitrain between Nallikari and the city centre in the summertime.

Kuva, joka sisältää kohteen näyttö, istuminen, pöytä, tietokone

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Kuva, joka sisältää kohteen piirtäminen

Kuvaus luotu automaattisesti

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