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Oulu is the leading city of education in Northern Finland and the innovative forerunner of new teaching philosophies. Oulu is also the leading Northern business hub, recognized especially for innovations in information technology. In Oulu region you can explore and experience the world-famous Finnish education system, visit cutting edge technology companies and customize your stay with Arctic nature experiences.

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Educational travel
for all ages

Oulu region is the leading educational travel destination in Finland. We offer a wide range of different programs both for education professionals interested in educating themselves and learning more about the Finnish education system, and for school groups wanting to master news skills and learn about the Finnish lifestyle in Northern environment.

Success stories

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Business opportunities and world class innovations

Oulu Region is an ideal destination for technical and business visits because we are known for our advanced technology development and innovations. For example – Oulu, under the leadership of Nokia and the University of Oulu, have been among the world leaders in the development of 5G, the 5th generation networks that are now in the phase of commercialization.  In Oulu we are already focusing on 6G, the 6th generation networks that will revolutionaze the world in around year 2030. 

Welcome to Oulu Region

Oulu Region is a safe destination with the best accessibility from all Finnish regions outside Helsinki. We have a wide variety of the best educational and technical visit programs and product offerings. The area is also a diverse tourism destination where you can combine leisure and nature activities to your trip. This is why Oulu Region is the best destination for educational and technical visits.

Educational Travel and Technical Visits Product Manuals


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