Pohjola route

A perfect road trip
on the Pohjola route

For a memorable northern vacation, start from Oulu and spend a few hours, a summer day or more road-tripping in the Pohjola route destinations.

Arctic & Urban Experiences

Oulu, with its neighbouring destinations along the Pohjola route, offers urban experiences with a guaranteed arctic twist.

Northern nature perspective

Finland is the land of natural parks and the Pohjola route takes you to two of them – and a Unesco Geopark on top of that.

Making memories

There are two things you can’t miss on your road trip on the Pohjola route: everyone’s love for the arctic waters and – bicycles.

Get to know the Pohjola route destinations

Pohjola route runs in the Oulu region in Northern Finland. Choose your destinations, experiences and adventures – or get to know them all!

Arriving, accommodation and things to see in Oulu

Oulu, at the centre of the Pohjola route, is easy to access by plane, train, bus or car. 

Arrival & Overnight   See & Do

Where to eat

Pick a lunch or dinner destination to your taste. 
There’s plenty to choose from on the Pohjola route!