Ukkohalla – Worth finding!

Ukkohalla is a Sport & Relax destination with many possibilities amidst clean nature of great diversity. The year-round tourist village of Ukkohalla is on the shores of Lake Syväjärvi, next to the highest hills in the Kainuu region. The area boasts the Vorlokki gorge, a conservation area for the oldest virgin forests in Europe and a nature park.

We have fun all year round! In the winter, it’s on snow-sure ski slopes and cross-country ski trails, husky and reindeer safaris, as well as mountain bike and hiking trails. In the summer, Ukkohalla offers its famous northernmost wakeboard track in the world. It’s never a long way to holiday fun or nature experiences from Ukkohalla’s numerous apartments and cottages. Of course, there is also a restaurant, a bowling alley and the ever-relaxing Saunamaailma spa at the centre of the tourist village.

Ukkohalla and Hyrynsalmi also provide a venue for many events throughout the year. For example, swamp football and snow soccer attract participants not only from Finland, but also from abroad.

Ukkohallantie 20
89400 Hyrynsalmi
+358 8 748 500
miia.huovinen (at)

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