Technical visits

Pioneer in advanced technology

Oulu Region is known for its high-level technological achievements, for example 5G and even 6G networks.

We offer various options for different technical visit destinations for professionals. There’s also a vast variety of leisure activities to make your visit extraordinary and unforgettable. 

If you are interested in educational visits to either professionals or school groups, read about them below.

Business Oulu

BusinessOulu and the partner companies are offering Technical Visits for different fields, for exapmple ICT, HealthCare and Cleantech.

Technical Visits offer guided tours to professionals, students, groups or individuals looking for an experience out of the ordinary. We give you an opportunity to experience an exciting, deeper look behind the scenes. 

Technical visits in Kalajoki

The Kalajoki area boasts expertise in forestry, metal industry, farming, and education. Welcome to Kalajoki to learn more about key topics, develop your network and acquire new knowledge in a unique seaside setting.

Technical visits in Liminka

Welcome to visit the Finnish maternity and child health clinic (Neuvola). This visit is conducted in the Liminka Health Center and Lakeustalo and is meant for nurses, doctors and workers in the health care sector.

Oulu Region

Oulu Region is a safe destination with the best accessibility from all Finnish regions outside Helsinki. We have a wide variety of the best educational and technical visit programs and product offerings. The area is also a diverse tourism destination where you can combine leisure and nature activities to your trip. This is why Oulu Region is the best destination for educational and technical visits.

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Technical visits

To Oulu

Business Oulu
Sari Kasvi
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To Kalajoki

Visit Kalajoki
Johanna Rautio
+358 46 923 5530

To Liminka

Liminka Bay Travel
Piia Leinonen
+358 40 546 2338

Educational visits


Lin Yujin (Yuki)
+358 40 912 5846

Arctic China
Tang Chao
+358 44 276 7316
WeChat: arcticchina_chao


Yu Onishi
+ 358 9 622 66525

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Other products

We offer various options for different educational visit destinations for both professionals and school groups. For professionals, we also offer a variety of technical visit destinations, all in an exotic environment. 

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Product Manuals

Oulu Educational and Technical Visits Product Manuals for travel trade professionals contain more information about our visiting programs and program providers.

The manuals are available in English, Chinese and Japanese.