The dunes stretching as far as the eye can see, the beautiful sea and idyllic fishing villages attract visitors to stay in the unique atmosphere of the largest island in the Bay of Bothnia. In addition to the maritime environment, visitors will find pristine pine forests and extensive lichenous areas as well as the rural surroundings of the village, with their stretches of fields and charming rustic buildings. 

The island’s many hiking trails, campfire sites and resting huts offer a wide range of opportunities for nature tourism, activities and hiking all year round. Hailuoto is also known as a birdwatcher’s paradise. You can take the ferry to Hailuoto, and in winter you can also use an ice road when the sea is frozen.

Hailuoto’s national landscape is charming in all seasons: Visitors will enjoy the peace and quiet of the winter, the brightness and calls of the migratory birds of the spring, the laidback sunny summer days, and the colourful foliage and berry and mushroom picking of autumn.  

Hailuoto is also known for its culture, with the first artists arriving in the area as early as the 1910s.  The island has a vibrant artistic and cultural scene. Summer in Hailuoto is known for its top-class cultural events. Among these are the Bättre Folk cultural festival, the Hailuoto theatre festival, and Hailuoto Musiikkipäivät music festival, all held every summer on the island.

Welcome to the unique national landscape by the sea, with its rich culture.

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