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Oulu Region is located in the Northern part of Finland. Oulu is the 5th biggest city in Finland. Oulu Region consist also of Syöte, Finland’s southernmost fell area, Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark, Liminka with its famous bird bay, the small port town of RaaheKalajoki, one of Finland’s most popular holiday resorts and Ukkohalla. Oulu Region is a educational, technical, cultural and business center of the whole Arctic Europe area.

Oulu Region is a versatile travel destination. We call ourselves Finland in minisize because our region contains all the ingredients of Finland as a travel destination: urban city, fells, lakes, beaches, sea and Arctic Archipelago. All the destinations of are within two hours’ drive from the city centre.



Oulu is Northern Finland’s largest and oldest city, located in the Gulf of Bothnia in the Oulujoki River delta with good access from anywhere. Oulu consists of the cultural life of a modern business and tourism city, it also has extensive shopping opportunities as well as the northern arctic nature exoticism. City centre is compact and everything is within walking distance: hotels, restaurants, shopping opportunities and major sightseeing spots.


Syöte is Finland’s southernmost fell area, where you can enjoy all the winter activities you can imagine, such as reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris and skiing. Syöte is the best place in Finland to see the scenery of snow-covered trees and a good place to spot the Northern lights.

Rokua Geopark​

The Rokua Geopark is part of the Global Geopark Network, a UNESCO-supported conservation group and is one of the geologically special places on our planet. It comprises Rokua, Lake Oulu, and the River Oulu Valley. 

In Rokua area the nature is really unique – if you take a guide with you, you will see the traces of the last ice age that ended 10.000 years ago. The sand dunes in Rokua are even up to 100 meters high and are now covered by vegetation – lichen and pine trees. Rokua is an ideal destination for those seeking a closer connection to the nature.


Kalajoki Sand Dunes is one of Finland’s most popular holiday resorts, located by the sea two hours South from Oulu. This is where you can experience the Arctic Archipelago and fishermen’s traditions in all seasons of the year. ​


Liminka is known for its birdlife. It’s is one of the best places in Europe to observe the migrating birds and to learn about the importance of wetlands to our planet. However, Liminka is a lot more than just birds. The history of the Oulu region’s founding parish reaches back over 500 years.


The sea and archipelago, the old part of the town with its wooden houses, vibrant cultural life, inviting museums and numerous events throughout the year make for a highly enjoyable stay in this historic town. Raahe is also proud of its archipelago, which was judged Finland’s best hiking destination in 2016. 


Ukkohalla leisure park is open around the year. Its 17 slopes, 3 terrain parks, cable wakeboard park, frisbee golf and the best hiking routes in the region offer holiday fun for all age groups. When staying at the Ski-In holiday village, you’ll have the slopes, lake scenery and services right at your door. 

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