Kempele is an active and relaxed destination that is easy to reach. Events, cultural attractions, sports facilities, a shopping centre and nature make Kempele an exciting destination for a wide range of leisure activities. Meetings and group programmes are also easy to organise in Kempele.

The Zeppelin shopping centre and the cultural cluster built around the neighbouring Zemppi building serve visitors all year round. The Zemppi yard area contains the Zemppi Areena event centre, the Easymove fitness centre, the Pelixir bowling hall, Zaluuna bar, Leo’s Leikkimaa playhouse, the Aparthotel Forenom hotel and Virkistysuimala Zimmari swimming hall.

Just a stone’s throw from Zeppelin and the Zemppi cluster is Köykkyri, Finland’s smallest ski resort, with ski and snowboard slopes surrounded by first-class cross-country skiing tracks. And when the snows have melted, the terrain is a popular mountain biking and hiking area.

Located near the airport, Vihiluoto is a maritime area known for its bird-rich coast, beach and nature trail. The pleasant Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is also nearby. The sea freezes in the winter, forming a stunning outdoor area in front of Vihiluoto.

Located in the centre of Kempele, the local museum with its courtyards is a great destination for the whole family during the summer and Christmas market.

Kempele can be easily reached by plane, train or car directly from Finnish national road 4..

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