De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant


De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant is a historic, fully renovated, listed boutique hotel with 17 rooms near Oulu city centre. As early as in 1906, civilized and honourable old women were accommodated, cared for and catered at our hotel as it was a private old people’s home for the gentry in Oulu.

Our well-equipped rooms with high-end furnishings have high-quality and extremely comfortable beds. A calm good night’s sleep is something very close to our hearts. In order to preserve the historical value of the building, its framework has been listed. Therefore, the room layout is original.

De Gamlas Hem offers a magnificent and unique venue for parties and events. The story, style and atmosphere of the house complement the experience created by the beautiful banquet facilities and delicious servings. We have four stylish and atmospheric rooms for conferences and festivities.

We all will do our best to ensure that you will enjoy your stay!

De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant
Kirkkokatu 54
90120 Oulu
+358 75 325 7600
info (at)

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