Manamansalo campsite


Manamansalo is an island and top­class campsite on Lake
Oulujärvi, surrounded by Finland’s largest open lakes.
Manamansalo can be reached by car either by bridge or
ferry. There are 19 cottages for rent at the campsite, 50
camping sites and sites with an electricity supply for 140
recreational vehicles. The site also has courts for tennis,
badminton and volleyball, and minigolf courses. Boats are
also available for hire. The beautiful sandy beaches are the
perfect place to relax when the sun is out. Nature lovers will

appreciate the hiker­friendly network of trails through lichen-
strewn pine forests. The numerous kettle lakes with clear,

clean water are highly inviting places for making coffee at the
many campfire spots in the area. places that are enough. The
Manamansalo camping area has won many awards, including
the environmental award from the state­owned forest
management organisation Metsähallitus. The area has also
been chosen as caravan area of the year by the Finnish
Federation of Camping, Caravanning and Motor caravanning.
The fishing area includes five clearwater kettle lakes with
naturally­occurring whitefish, pike and perch. Fishing permits
can be obtained onsite or in advance via the internet. There
is also a restaurant in the area.

Manamansalon leirintäalue
Teeriniementie 156
88340 Manamansalo
08 874 138

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