Paintball Areena


Fast-paced indoor games, without the mess of ordinary paintballs, are played
in the arena all year round. There are many types of games, which makes playing fun and
suitable for everyone.

The new indoor game arena is great for fun, exciting and fast-paced games for companies, families or groups of friends, no matter the weather. Whether it’s a birthday or bachelor party or a day of recreation offered by your employer, you’ll be certain to enjoy yourselves.

The games are played with rubber reballs in the glow of UV lights and
to the music of your choice. The instructor can guide the group in choosing the type of game if necessary. The games are suitable for first-timers and
more experienced players alike.

Gather a group of 4–20 people and book your slot.

Paintball Areena
Kuormatie 9, 91900 Liminka

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