Kipponit Fairytale Outing


An experience that will create fun and lasting memories for the whole family.

The Kipponit fairytale outing is a story-based experience for children and their parents. Parents can lead their child on a Shetland pony ride through a magical forest, guided by

the storytelling Kipponit master.

The trip lasts about 30 minutes, and before and after the outing children are welcome to play in the Kipponit village and solve riddles. The heart of the small village is a campfire site where great atmosphere and snacks can be enjoyed. The village also has a small café.

Kipponit village and Satumetsä fairytale forest are located on the Stall Saarinen farm and stables, about a 20-minute drive north of Oulu. In the nearby forest, you can admire the beauty of nature with a little magical twist.

The story comes alive in the light of day as well as in the late evening, when the atmospheric fading light shows the forest in all its beauty. The story and the wonders of the fairy-tale forest change five times a year.

Kipponit Satumetsäretki
Sipilänkuja 11
90840 Haukipudas
info (at)

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