Top 5 sights in Oulu


Market Square and Torinranta

The Market Square offers is especially inviting in the summer. Visitors are sure to enjoy the old buildings in the Market Square with their boutiques as well as the attractive 120-year-old Market Hall. Keeping watch in front of the market Hall is the toripolliisi policeman statue, which is a popular photo stop for tourists. The statue is a reminder of the past, when real police maintained public order in the Market Square. The cafes and restaurants in the square are ideal places to enjoy the relaxed summer atmosphere of a seaside town.


Near the town centre, just a short walk away via the pedestrian bridge from Torinranta, is the picturesque Pikisaari wooden building district, well loved by the townspeople. The old warehouses, restored industrial buildings and modern wooden house construction combine in a charming way, and visitors can find a handicraft shop, an art gallery and a restaurant serving local food on the island.

The magnificent River Oulujoki estuary opens out before the walking path around Pikisaari. The estuary and Pikisaari can also be admired from the water. Water sports equipment is available behind the Oulu Theatre.

Hupisaaret city park

The idyllic peace of the Hupisaaret islands, consisting of many small islands, is less than a ten-minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. The babbline streams offer a beautiful soundscape in the summertime, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the endangered sea trout in the River Oulujoki.

You can see the fountains designed by Finland’s internationally renowned architect Alvar Aalto for the estuary, providing the people of Oulu with a reminder of the Merikoski rapids that were dammed in the 1940s. The Hupisaaret islands also have a central playground, a barbeque area, a rose garden and a sample greenhouse open to the public.


The magnificent kilometre-long Nallikari beach in Hietasaari is an inviting seaside destination in all seasons. Stunning sunsets, the thrillingly colourful Northern Lights and the frozen sea in wintertime are all unforgettable experiences. Oulu residents also enjoy spending their free time in the natural surroundings of Hietasaari.

Don’t forget to stop by Nallikari lighthouse at the end of the breakwater! This is a popular vantage point, Instagram photo site and one of the well-known buildings of the Oulu School of Architecture from 1988. Restaurant Nallikari is also located on the level sandy beach. Opened in 1975, it offers a wonderful sea view.

Cycling lanes

What could be a speedier attraction than a bicycle lane in Oulu? Oulu is a well-known year-round cycling town, and the red bike lane paths along the streets criss-cross the town. Oulu also has many outlets for renting bicycles and fatbikes, so it’s definitely worth exploring the town from the saddle!

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