Liminka Bay Visitors Centre


Finland’s only nature centre devoted to birds will introduce you to the charming world of our feathered friends, with tours for both beginners and the more experienced. Our interactive exhibition will motivate children to explore the wonders of nature through touchscreen games. Liminka Bay is a globally important wetlands and waterfowl habitat. During the migratory seasons in spring and autumn, you can hear the symphony of hundreds of thousands of birds. The evening flight of the geese, the ruffs’ spring dance, and the autumn migration of the cranes will make your head spin.

Services: Travel tips, exhibition and trail guides for groups, conference rooms, 5 birdwatching towers, camp fire sites, catering and accommodation services at the Visitors centre, events, souvenirs, Metsähallitus logo products.

Location: Liminka, south of Oulu. The Visitors Centre is about 35 km from Oulu. There are also birdwatching towers in Lumijoki and Oulunsalo (now part of Oulu).

Nearby sights and activities
Old Liminka museum and arboretum
Varjakka Fishing Village in Lumijoki
Escurial Zoo and Flower Park
Rantakylä recreational area

Other services in the area:
Spot birds on the beaches of Liminka Bay from four additional birdwatching towers. You’ll also find catering and accommodation services, and a range of activities from birdwatching to kayak tours.

Liminganlahden luontokeskus
Rantakurvi 6
91900 Liminka
liminganlahti (at)

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