Koitelinkoski is a beautiful place for nature lovers, both local daytrippers and visiting tourists. The Koiteli region is surrounded by rolling forested hills and rich vegetation, and its many islands provide excellent opportunities for fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and trekking.

The Koitelinkoski rapids are part of the free-flowing River Kiiminki. The rapids are about four kilometres from downtown Kiiminki and a quick 24-kilometre drive from Oulu.

It’s easy to explore the area on foot, following marked paths that wind along the mainland and across the islands. You can reach several of Koiteli’s islands (Pikkusaari, Sahasaari and Pikniksaari) with suspension bridges – an adventure that sticks in children and young people’s minds in particular. The rocky cliffs on the shore are comfortable places to sit and observe the natural world. There are also several campfire sites where you can prepare your food and enjoy some refreshments. Or if you prefer, there’s always the Tunnelmatupa summer café on Sahasaari island. (During the winter, the café is only open by special arrangement.)

A fishing spot for the whole family

The Koitelinkoski rapids are also an excellent fishing spot for the whole family. It’s a great place for lure fishing from the shore and especially for fly fishing with lightweight equipment.

Typical species found in the rapids are grayling, pike and perch. It is also one of the River Kiiminki’s special fishing areas, where you can nab one of the sea trout that are introduced into the river in May-August. The River Kiiminki is covered by a joint lure fishing licence that allows you to fish the main bed of the entire river from Puolanka to Haukipudas.

Kiiminki paddling routes

The River Kiiminki begins in Kainuu and flows through the wilderness around Puolanka to the rural landscapes of Ostrobothnia. During the summer, you can take a guided canoe or kayak tour along the river, or go whitewater rafting in rubber rafts. In the winter, you can go exploring on marked ski and snowmobile tracks.

Conditions on the river vary with the seasons and the river’s currents. It is easier to navigate the rapids in June-July, when the currents are weaker. Just after the ice thaws, the Koitelinkoski rapids are a category III area, but the currents subside around mid- to late June. Beginners can find a more peaceful environment to practise in at, for example, Tulikurkku in Koiteli.

Those wishing to go on a day trip can try the popular 30-kilometre route along the river from Kiiminki to Haukipudas. Travel companies in the region organise short, several-hour canoe and kayak tours, as well as several-day safaris combined with, for example, fishing.

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