The Sanginjoki outer forest is located about 25 km from Oulu. The area can be reached from the south by taking Sanginjoentie (road 8331) and from the north by taking Korpi-Ylikiimingintie (road 833) from Ylikiimingintie road. Parking lots in the outer forest are located close to the Myllykoski lean-to shelter, the Kalimeenlampi campfire site and the Isokankaanjärvi lean-to shelter. The Isokankaanjärvi shelter is located only 20 metres from the road, thanks to which it can easily be used by those with impaired mobility.

The 15-km Isokangas-Kalimeenlampi hiking trail is located in the Sanginjoki outer forest. The trail is signposted and marked with green, white-topped poles. You can also hike on shorter circular trails: the 5-km Kalimeenlammenreitti to the north and the 10-km Isokankaanreitti to the south. Several lean-to shelters are located along the trails: the Myllykoski shelters (2) and Kalimeenlampi shelter are on the Kalimeenlampi trail and the Kumpukorpi and Isokankaanjärvi shelters are on the Isokankaanjärvi trail. In addition, there is a campfire site on the shore of Kalimeenlampi Pond, about 400 m from the lean-to shelter.

The Sanginjoki outer forest has a very diverse landscape, ranging from dry heathland forests on the eskers to low-lying wetlands.

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