Oulu – Capital of Northern Scandinavia


Oulu – Capital of Northern Scandinavia

Oulu is an attractive gateway to northern nature and urban culture. The surrounding Arctic marine environment, unique events and diverse shopping opportunities create the backdrop for a visit filled with special experiences in Oulu.

Today, the city of more than 200,000 people is a northern beacon for thousands of Finnish and international tourists. Oulu, also known as a city of technology, is Finland’s fifth largest in terms of population. Every year, Oulu hosts many of Finland’s largest music festivals and art events, which makes the city a strong candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2026.

You can come and enjoy Oulu conveniently by train, bus or by flying to Finland’s second busiest airport.

Oulun kaupungin matkailuneuvonta

Hallituskatu 36 B, PL 54
90015 Oulun kaupunki
+358 8 558 41330

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