Kempele local history museum


Kempele local history museum has a typical northern Ostrobothnian courtyard. The museum’s most distinctive offerings are Finland’s only comrade-in-arms house and a traditional turpasmökki timber cottage. The current log building dates back to 1886, and Kempele Säästöpankki savings bank operated in its banking chamber for about 30 years. There is also a log barn and stable, smoke sauna, windmill and storehouses in the yard.

The museum is open during the summer and during the Christmas market. At other times, the museum organises guided tours and events for groups and offers an old-fashioned Christmas experience in the wintertime, especially for international guests interested in the Finnish Christmas.

Kempeleen kotiseutumuseo
Kirkkotie 18,
90440 Kempele

Kirjasto- ja kulttuurijohtaja Reijo Kinnunen

p. 050 463 6457

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