Other museums and exhibitions


Huttukylä Museum
Nowadays, tractors bundle up hay in bales wrapped in white plastic – but what was farming like in the past? The Huttukylä Museum in Kiiminki showcases agricultural tools and objects that later generations may find puzzling. The museum building is a granary built in 1845, which together with five other barns comprises the museum barn complex of Runttila.

Botanical Museum
Collecting specimens for the school plant folder is a minor project compared with the collection of half a million specimens in the Botanical Museum at the University of Oulu. Scientific plant and fungi collections do not just gather dust, rather the stored information is used to assist in, for example, planning, nature conservation and environmental monitoring.

The Local Museum of Oulunsalo
Those who enjoy rural interior decoration and home textiles will enjoy a visit to the Local Museum of Oulunsalo. The museum showcases what life was like in a rural municipality in the early 20th century. Farmers earned extra income by fishing on the sea. Some of the buildings are over 200 years old.

Oulu Automobile Museum
Motoring is taken seriously at the Oulu Car Museum as, viewed from above, the museum resembles a model A Ford tyre. The museum houses a collection of vehicles, each one more impressive than the next. The oldest date from around 1910. In addition to 50 vehicles, motorcycles, fire-fighting equipment and a variety of engines and scale models are on display.

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