Kierikki Stone Age Centre


The Kierikki Stone Age Centre will take you on a journey back in time. A Stone Age Village complete with habitations will show you what daily life was like on the banks of the River Ii thousands of years ago. An easy-to-walk boarded walkway leads from the village and its neighbouring snare path to the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, where you can learn more about Stone Age life and artefacts through films and an exhibition. The Stone Age Village has been constructed on the basis of data from archaeological digs.

These types of villages were located in the Kierikki area, in the delta of the River Ii, as long as 5,000-6,000 years ago. The village contains different types of buildings, mainly single-room houses but also large terraced buildings. There are fire sites around the houses, and a river running past the village. The inhabitants rowed in flat-bottom boats made from single tree trunks.

The Kierikki Stone Age Centre is one of the Museum and Science Centre Luuppi sites.

Pahkalantie 447 A
91200 Oulu
+358 8 558 58265

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